Company Navodnik d.o.o. is a private advanced engineering and technology company, established in 1990 with extensive experiences in developing, consulting and training in the field of plastics processing and other advanced materials and engaged in engineering, advising and education on the field of plastic transforming, new materials and technologies. The company published its own expert magazine PlastForma and is author of the most professional publications in the field of polymers in Slovenia (publications Plastik Orodjar and Slovenija je ustvarjena za nanotehnologije, glossary of words from the technical field and more than 20 other publications). Furthermore Janez Navodnik is a reviewer of many school books and coordinator of Plasttechnics Cluster of Slovenia. Company Navodnik carries out a complete administrative and technical support to Plasttechnics Cluster Slovenia.

Our main activities are:

1. Research, development and production: Engineering, advising and education on the field of plastic transforming, polymers and advanced materials and technologies, Scaling up processes from lab to production, Development and production of new polymer materials by extrusion and compounding technologies, Production of compounds from recycled and bio-polymers.

2. Education, publishing: Own expert magazine PlastForma, professional publications (handbook Plastik Orodjar, book Nanotechnologies, Technical Glossary), Coordination of Plasttechnics Cluster Slovenia, Seminars, trainings for production managers.

3. Project work: Research projects on national and international level on the field of polymers and advanced materials and technologies.

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