... 2019

  • 13th CRO/SLO Conference, EU PLASTIC STRATEGY - What are the roles of value chain stakeholders?, 28th of November 2019, Brdo pri Kranju
  • GELCLAD project: four partners from Slovenia (Navodnik, JUB, Construction Cluster of Slovenia and Marko Kramar) participate in Horizon 2020 project GELCLAD which aims at creating a novel cost-effective, durable, industrialised and easy to install composite insulation cladding system, based on a single structured panel with excellent insulation properties.

Final meeting of GELCLAD partners in Gijon


… 2018


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Conferences 2016

 Seminars 2016

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Conferences 2015

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Conferences 2014

Seminars 2014

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Conferences 2013

Fairs 2013

 … 2012

Conferences 2012

Fairs 2012

Seminars 2012

  • Nanomaterials, 13.3.2012, GZS Ljubljana (as part of the project KoCKE)
  • Nanotehnologies, 15.3.2012, GZS Ljubljana (as part of the project KoCKE)
  • Composite materials and tehnologies, 24.5.2012, TECOS Celje
  • Extrusion, blow moulding and thermoforming, 7.6.2012, TECOS Celje
  • New and biodegradable materials, 23.6.2012, OZS Metlika
  • Nanomaterials, 22.11.2012, TECOS Celje
  • Modern trends in plasttehnic and toolmaking, 17.12.2012, Maribor

… 2011 

Fairs 2011

Seminars 2011

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Fairs 2010

  • K 2010 (International Trade Fair for Plastics and Rubber Worldwide), 27.10. - 3.11.2010, Düsseldorf, Germany
  • Identiplast (Energy, waste, sources – role of plastics), 9.- 10.11.2010, London

Seminars 2010

  • 10.6.2010 – Nanotechnologies and advanced materials
  • 16.9.2010 – Injection moulding: troubleshooting

… 2009

Fairs 2009

  • Plast Milano (International Exhibition for plastics and rubber industries), 24.- 28.03.2009, Milano, Italija
  • Plagkem (International Exhibition of plastics, rubber and chemistry), 21.- 24.04.2009, Celje
  • Identiplast (Energy, resources, waste – role of plastic), 20.- 21.04.2009, Brusels
  • MOS, 9.9.- 16.09.2009, Celje
  • Fakuma (International Trade Fair for Plastics Processing), 13.-17.10.2009, Friedrichshafen, Germany

… 2008

Plastic's simply fantastic' argument wins Youth Parliament Debate: the finals of the Youth Parliament Debate ended in style when Zan Zveplan, a 17 year old student from Slovenia, successfully argued that plastics were the solution to climate and energy problems rather than the problem ...

  • PLASTICS and ENERGY - Youth debating competition, Ljubljana 12.5.2008

How can we save energy, protect our climate and enable further technological progress at the same time? PlasticsEurope, Brussels, has started a European Youth debating competition for young opinion leaders. In ten European states, 1,000 young people will debate the questions of "Energy, climate protection and plastics". The 100 best debaters will take part in the final competition in the European Parliament in Brussels 2008. In Slovenia young debating competition was held on 12. May 2008 in National Assembly in Ljubljana. Students were greeted also by president of National Assembly, dr. France Cukjati ...more

  • Meeting of plastics transformers of OZS in year 2008

On 30. - 31. May 2008 there was traditional meeting of Section of plastics transformers in Lipica with following topics: BiopolymersIntegrated injection moulding technologies and New materials.

  • Plastics manufacturing technologies

In May 2008 Italian Institute for foreign affairs - ICE Ljubljana and Slovenian Plasttechnics cluster organized seminars for companies from plastics processing branch …more

Presentations of cluster in 2008

  • February 2008, Polymer Technology College, Slovenj Gradec - a laboratory and a technicum for the needs of the College are being equipped (also useful for industrial researches in the field of polymer processing for manufacturers)
  • April 08, Construction fair MEGRA in Gornja Radgona, presentation of Cluster
  • April 08, Kosovo, presentation of Cluster
  • May 12, 08, European Youth Debating Competition in Slovenian National Assembly
  • 12.5. – 16.5.2008, Seminar on extrusion and injection moulding for Slovenian plastic producers (organised in cooperation with Italian Trade Commission and Italian association Assocomaplast)
  • 6th June 2008, International Press Conference took place in Ljubljana on behalf of Ms. Mojca Drcar Murko (Resource saving and  CO2-reduction potentials in waste management in Europe and the possible contribution to the 20 % CO2-reduction target in 2020)
  • June 08, Cluster Symposium, Wiesbaden