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Plastic's simply fantastic' argument wins Youth Parliament Debate


Žan Žveplan, a 17 year old student from Slovenia, won the award for best debater at the European Parliament in Belgium!

The finals of the Youth Parliament Debate ended in style when Žan Žveplan successfully argued that plastics were the solution to climate and energy problems rather than the problem and won the award for best debater at the European Parliament in Belgium.

Žan summarised for the ‘pro’ side of the morning’s debate and declared that he was a “true believer in plastics” and asked the jury and audience to join him by saying that: “If (the future) is in plastic, it’s simply fantastic.” The listeners reacted with a huge cheer, which was only surpassed by his closing remark:

“We have a choice; we can either reject plastic and run away from it or embrace plastics for what they are. I am willing to make that step but the question is: are you?”

Other quotes from winner:

“We cannot allow ourselves to run away from plastics. We have to embrace plastics for what they are if we truly want to tackle the future of climate crisis.”

“The opposition used rhetoric like: oh no something bad may happen if we use plastic.”

“Just because something might go wrong is not reason enough for us not to use plastic.


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